in Minecraft
July 1–15, 2020

Advanced training for international competitions in Informatics online
About Summer Camp
Informatics Summer Camp participants are preparing for international competitions in Informatics and Competitive Programming.

You will get advanced training in Informatics. You will solve problems from international contests of the past years and receive analysis of tasks from teachers. Also, you will attend lectures from leading trainers in computer science and champions of international olympiads.

Everything will be held inside the famous Minecraft game.

You can enter the Camp if you register till June 8, 01:00 p.m. UTC +3 and pass the Online Qualification Round.

Participants: 13–18 years old school children

The cost of participation: 150 Euro

Free for winners and prize winners of Innopolis Open in Informatics 2020

Language of the event: English / Russian

How to enter online Informatics Summer Camp
Sign up
(till June, 8)

Pass the Online Qualification Round
(June, 6-8)
Confirm your participation
Pay for your participation

Free of charge for winners and
prize-winners of Innopolis Open 2020 in computer science.
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Niyaz Nigmatullin
Sports programming guru
ACM ICPC champion 2012-2013, member of the jury of the all-Russian Olympiad of school students in computer science
Pavel Mavrin
Master of sports programming
Silver medalist of IOI-2002, ACM ICPC champion 2004, member of the jury of the all-Russian Olympiad of school students in computer science
Our advantages
You don't need to leave your home and go to Innopolis — you can visit your favorite University online, walk through the halls, look into the classroom, read in the reading room, sleep on the campus, and even eat in the cafeteria. Virtually, of course.

The educational process is organized in the virtual environment of the game Minecraft, where the site of Innopolis University is recreated in detail. The case when you can learn and play at the same time, and you will not get anything for it.
Lectures and master classes are held in the format of live streams. Look into the classroom at the appointed time and watch a live broadcast with the teacher. At the same time, you can ask questions and communicate with other participants.
Entertainment and sports
All these items are already one entertainment, combined with training. But we have prepared something else interesting for you to bring the atmosphere at the online school as close as possible to what reigns in reality. But you will find out about this already on the shift itself. We will develop your sports interest.
Feel free to contact us
Ildar Tamaev
Your jedi in the Competitive Programming World
Phone: +7 (843) 203-92-53 доб.(320)
If you have questions
Feel free to contact us
1, Universitetskaya Str., Innopolis,
Tatarstan, Russia, 420500
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