Innopolis Open Olympiad
in Robotics

Nov 20 - Dec 20, 2020
Challenge and increase the intelligence of your students and their robots!
Innopolis Open Robotics
is the first Olympiad in Intelligence Robotics
organized by an IT university – for young roboticists 13-18 years old from all over the world. This season will be ONLINE.

Participation is FREE of charge!
A challenge that helps you to become a developer of intelligent robots in the future
Relevant skills for future roboticists
The participants of the Olympiad solve interesting and useful problems and develop relevant skills in order to collect a powerful arsenal year after year before entering the University.

In this we are helped by scientific and methodological committees, which provide academic support.
Challenging and varied tasks for robots and their creators
The Olympiad attracts participants with its complexity in that they need to make a robot that can perform a task with high quality, autonomously, in previously unknown conditions. To do this, the robot must have a developed intelligence, however, like its creators :-)

Our participants can choose one of several areas of robotics in which they want to develop.
Full immersion in the solution process
We are announcing a task for the robot at the beginning of the season, so that participants can fully immerse themselves in the study of the problem and develop an optimal solution.

The participant can start the immersion in intelligent robotics at any age from 13 to 18 years old. For different age groups, we offer tasks of the appropriate level of difficulty.
Learning opportunities for participants and their mentors
We understand that making a start is not so easy, so we develop teaching materials and courses, conduct training camps for students and courses for teachers.

Interesting? Leave a request at the bottom of the page.
Which profile of the Olympiad appeals to you?
1. Manipulation Intelligent Robotic Systems
What you learn:
  • arrays operation (create, read, write, search, compare, sort)
  • route planning
  • navigation using rectangular and cylindrical coordinate systems
  • direct and inverse kinematics problem
  • object recognition (shape, color, size)
Your season task:
The teams are preparing a small robotic arm, which must recognize objects and arrange them on the field according to physical parameters (color, shape, size) according to a given template.

CoppeliaSim. Install it via this link and learn, how to use it
2. Mobile Intelligent Robotic Systems
What you learn:
  • Building a map of an unknown area
  • Use of a graph to find an optimal path
  • Route planning
  • Discrete space navigation
  • Black line controllers
  • Odometry
  • Barcode reading
  • Use of 2 robots as a multi-agent system
Your season task:
The teams are preparing a small mobile ground robot (s), which must be localized on the map, travel along a given route, recognize and move objects on the field according to the assignment.

TRIK Studio. Install it via this link and learn, how to use it
3. Intelligent Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
What you learn:
  • Object detection with OpenCV library
  • Control loop implementation
  • Fundamentals of hydrodynamics
  • Design and build of AUV
  • Sealing techniques
  • Fundamentals of hydroacoustic
Your season task:
The teams are preparing a small mobile underwater robot, which must swim along a given route, recognize and move objects on the training ground according to the assignment.

MUR Edu. Install it via this link (see instructions) and learn, how to use it
4. Intelligent Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
What you learn:
  • indoor navigation
  • movement along a given route
  • object capture
  • delivery and discharge of cargo
  • color LED indication
  • object color recognition
  • object shape recognition
  • QR code recognition
  • recognition of the simplest images
Your season task:
The teams are preparing a small mobile flying multi-rotor robot (copter), which must fly along a given route, recognize and move objects on the training ground according to the assignment.

Gazebo. Install Virtual Environment it via this link and learn, how to use it (see Guidelines)
5. Projects of Intelligent Robotic Systems
What you learn:
  • Controller programming
  • Recognizing images using the OpenCV library
  • Maintenance of technical documentation
  • Organization of teamwork
  • Collaborative programming
  • Study and decomposition of a task, a complex design task
  • Organization of interfaces and protocols of human-machine interaction
Your season task:
Teams prepare a project on a given topic, built on the basis of the concept of the Internet of Things: a robot and an application / site.
6. Intelligent Self-driving Cars
This challenge is inspired by Future Engineers Category of World Robot Olympiad.
The best teams of the Virtual Qualification will be invited to the WRO FIT Russia!

What you learn:

  • Engineering design, 3D modeling, CAD
  • Various algorithmic solutions and approaches: OOP, OpenCV, ROI, noise reduction, various color spaces, geometric center of mass, PID controller, state machine, multithreaded programming
Your season task:
Teams prepare a self-driving car that must drive along the track as quickly as possible observing the traffic sign.

CoppeliaSim. Install it via this link and learn, how to use it
Your path to skills in this season
Great chance to upgrade your roboticist's skills staying online!
Season start
Sep 15, 2020
Find out this season's task, the skills you need to perform it and start preparing!
till Nov 20, 2020
Apply to participate on this site by the deadline!
Choose the Olympiad profile you like most and don't forget about your age group!
Nov 15, 2020 - May 31, 2021
Qualify for the International final using any of these ways:
1) Virtual qualification
(except "Projects of IRS")
You need to pass following stages:
1.1) Qualifying Virtual Stage, Nov 15 - Dec 15, 2020
Students compete individually: you should solve task of 2 types:
- subject-oriented tasks (up to 15 pcs.)
Find an answer or design a program! Your knowledge of physics or computer science can help.
- project-oriented tasks (up to 2 pcs.)
Make a virtual robot perform a task in a simulator. Your robotic skills in the specific Olympiad profile can help (see lists).
We announce regulations and schedule of this stage at its beginning.

For better understanding, watch Webinar recording and study the slides.

1.2) Final Virtual Stage, Feb 6-7, 2021
The qualified students unite and compete in teams: you should solve subject- and project-oriented tasks together.

2) Direct qualification, Feb - May, 2021
Students compete in teams: you should demonstrate the solution of the season task (announced at the season's start).
International Final
July 2-4, 2021
The teams qualified virtually or directly are welcome to the International Final to show how good they have mastered the skills!
Celebrate your progress with everyone
at the International Final!
This is how it looks like
on-site, at Innopolis University - as it could be
online - as it will be actually
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Organizational partners
Intelligence Self-drivings Cars (WRO Future Engineers)
Intelligent Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Intelligent Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Mobile Intelligent Robotic Systems
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